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How to Play Bingo

At the start of a Bingo game, each player is given a card marked with a unique combination of numbers and the winning Bingo pattern to be formed on the card is announced.

The Bingo caller then randomly selects a numbered Bingo ball from a container and announces the number to all the players. The Bingo ball is then set aside so that it cannot be chosen again.

After each number is called, the player should search his card for the called number, and if he finds it, he should mark it with a dauber. The player should be able to search his card quickly before the next number is called.

The Bingo caller continues to select and announce numbers until the first player forms the agreed Bingo pattern on his card and calls out BINGO!

After a player calls BINGO, the Bingo card is checked by the Bingo spotter (or runner) for accuracy and the "win" is officially confirmed. Then a prize is given to the winning player and a new round is started. However, if the card is found not to be a winner, the card is returned to the player and the game resumes.

Bingo is as simple as that! And Bingo is even more exciting when you hear the funny nicknames given to each number!

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